Mar 14, 2009

An Evening with Kobe Bryant

I sat at work as I normally do early last Friday evening with nothing much to do besides give errant motorists directions to Downtown Disney. "Flip a “U”, turn right and then a left at the next light". It comes out of my mouth without even thinking about it. I must seem awfully bored to everyone driving by in the pursuit of fun but honestly my job is the most boring thing I've ever had to do. Monotony at it’s best. I sit in a small booth by myself and notify people that they’ve either arrived at the correct place or that they have not. Normally I would classify my time time at work as a complete waste of life but this evening was an exception.

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P.S. It gets way better!

Jan 26, 2009

EUROPE: The Lost Saga

It came about very suddenly but before I really had time to think about what I was getting myself into I was waiting in line at the Post Office for a passport application. On course to visit seven countries in seventeen days I thought the only way I was ever going to remember everything we did was to write it all down. And, so I did.

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Jan 11, 2009

WRDinc 2008 Top Ten Edition (Google Zeitgeist, iPhone & Android apps, CES, Obama, more...)

Every December there is inevitably scores of Top Ten lists that categorize the best and worst of the year. From Google searches and architecture to iPhone apps this is my Top Ten list of my favorite year-end Top Ten lists. (in no particular order)

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Jan 4, 2009

I'm Here for the Links

The internet is a big place and it's easy to get lost. To avoid the void I've created this page that's really only here to point you in the right direction. Head over to for the real me. So much so it'll knock your socks off. There's pictures, videos, blogs, etc, etc. I update that site way more often and that's where the real -ish happens. But I'll be back here to let you know when something happens.

P.O. (Peace Out),